Blog Posts

Open Source

Machine Cloud
Distributed system proof of concept for Internet/Cloud of Things on Heroku
Arduino HTTP
An HTTP request library for Arduino
Node.js package for consuming Heroku logp output and generic key=value logging
Lucy Goosey
Command line option parser for Ruby that exposes a single function call and just returns a Hash.
This is a ruby gem that uses wkhtmltoimage to generate jpgs from HTML and CSS
Cerberus Prox Frontend
This is a BDDed Rails 3 app I developed that we use at the Austin Hackerspace to manage the RFID door system
Derive MIDI melodies from Chaotic Equations (before I learned the ways of TDD)


The Bundler: The Good, The Bad, and the NP-Complete
This is a talk on using the Bundler, given at Austin On Rails slides using Showoff

Academic Work

Musical Machines
My Master's thesis on deriving MIDI melodies from Chaotic equations
Exploiting Mindstorms NXT: Mapping and Localization Projects for the AI Course
This paper introduced two versions (Java and C) of a one-dimensional monte-carlo localizing robot for use in teaching graduate level AI courses.
Mindstorms Without Robotics
This is a paper that taught assembly programming via builing a simon says game on the Lego Mindstorms robot.
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