Joining Heroku

Now that I‘ve crossed all the ts and dotted all the lower case js I can let everyone know: I‘m going to be working at Heroku starting this July!

I‘m very excited about this opportunity. There is so much to learn and also so much work to do making Heroku the world-class plaftorm that it is. I‘m going to be on the add-ons team, building out the functionality and interfaces that some of you will be using to provide your own services to Heroku customers. The add-ons are like an app marketplace – allowing your web app to consume other cloud services through Heroku.

I think Heroku‘s newest iteration, the “Cedar” stack, is the quantum leap forward for not merely hosting a web application, but allowing it to dynamically scale. The first iterations of the Heroku Platform ironed out deploying a Rails app to the cloud. With Cedar, we‘re working towards running any unix process with the same simplicity and scalability as our current applications.

That said, I‘ve begun putting my money where my mouth is and have started transitioning my sites to Heroku. First off, this site!

Stay tuned because in the meantime I will be posting an add-on I built to github after I get it up and running on Heroku‘s Cedar Platform!


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