Machine Cloud Raspi-Shield v1 Build

These are the work-in-progress instructions for building a Raspberry Pi Device Sheild to work with the mc-device repo.


Solder the GPIO Header

Solder the MCP Seat

The notch in the MCP seat should be facing the adafruit logo.

Wire up the RGB LED

Test the LED

> cd mc-device
> make
> ./bin/test_led

Hookup the Temp Sensor

Top View (finished for orientation):

Bottom View (for the wiring on this step):

Wire up the MCP

Seat MCP

The notch in the MCP should match the notch in the seat (should be facing the adafruit logo).

Test the Temp Sensor

> cd mc-device
> ./bin/test_temperature

Seat the Button

Solder the Button

Test the Button

> cd mc-device
> ./bin/test_switch


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